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IP-AddressTracer Tool

Title: Unveiling the Power of IP-Tracer: A Comprehensive Guide


Embark on a journey of IP address exploration with IP-Tracer, a cutting-edge tool meticulously crafted for Linux and Termux users. Unlock the ability to effortlessly track and retrieve detailed information on any IP address with this powerful utility.

Installation Guide:

To get started with IP-Tracer, follow these simple installation steps:

1. Update your system:

apt update

2. Install Git:

apt install git -y

3. Clone the IP-Tracer repository:

git clone https://github.com/rajkumardusad/IP-Tracer.git

4. Navigate to the IP-Tracer directory:

cd IP-Tracer

5. Make the installation script executable:

chmod +x install

6. Run the installation script:

sh install



Usage Instructions:

Once successfully installed, you can harness the power of IP-Tracer using the following commands:

Option 1:

- Track your own IP address:

trace -m

- Track other's IP addresses:

trace -t target-ip

  For example:

ip-tracer -t

- Retrieve more information:

ip-tracer -t

Option 2:

- Track your own IP address:

ip-tracer -m

- Track other's IP addresses:

ip-tracer -t target-ip

  For example:

ip-tracer -t

- Retrieve more information:



Empower yourself with the unmatched capabilities of IP-Tracer, your go-to solution for IP address tracking and information retrieval. Uncover the secrets hidden within IP addresses and navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

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