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A Powerful Dark-Phish Phishing Tool

 Dark-Phish stands as a versatile phishing tool, crafted to empower ethical hackers and security professionals. Equipped with an extensive arsenal comprising over 30 login templates, it serves as the go-to solution for comprehending and defending against phishing threats.

Notably, Dark-Phish is Android-compatible, facilitating security assessments on mobile platforms effortlessly. It stands as a potent and ethical tool specifically designed for ethical hacking.

A distinctive feature of Dark-Phish lies in its diverse tunneling options, including Ngrok, Cloudflare tunnel, LocalXpose, and more.

Dark-Phish Installation Made Easy

Getting started with Dark-Phish proves straightforward. By executing a series of commands, you can set up the toolkit on your system, ensuring accessibility for users with varying levels of expertise.

Installation Steps:

1. Open a Terminal:

   - Launch a terminal window on your Linux system, typically found in the applications menu.

2. Install Dependencies: 

sudo apt install python3 -y
sudo apt install curl -y
sudo apt install php -y
sudo apt install git -y
sudo apt install openssh -y

3. Install Python Libraries:

sudo apt install python3-pip -y
pip3 install requests wget pyshorteners

4. Clone the Dark-Phish Repository:

git clone https://github.com/Cyber-Anonymous/Dark-Phish.git

5. Navigate to the Dark-Phish Directory:

cd Dark-Phish

6. Start Using Dark-Phish:

python3 dark-phish.py

7. For Help and Usage Information:**

python3 dark-phish.py -h

Using Dark-Phish on Android

To leverage Dark-Phish on your Android device, ensure a stable internet connection and activate your mobile hotspot. Follow these steps.

1. Select a Phishing Template:

   - Dark-Phish offers a variety of phishing templates; choose one that suits your testing or educational needs and press Enter.

2. Choose a Tunneling Service:

   - Dark-Phish provides various tunneling options. Select the service aligning with your requirements and press Enter.

     - For local testing, choose "Localhost."

     - For external access, consider Ngrok, Cloudflared, LocalXpose, etc.

3. Generate Phishing Link:

   - Dark-Phish will generate a phishing link based on your chosen template and tunneling service for ethical testing or demonstrations.

4. Share the Link Responsibly:

   - Once generated, use the link responsibly within authorized scenarios, such as sharing it with the target audience for testing or educational purposes.


Dark-Phish is exclusively intended for educational and testing purposes. Any utilization of this tool for illegal or unethical activities is strictly forbidden. The authors and contributors disclaim responsibility for any misuse or damage arising from the use of Dark-Phish. It is imperative to employ the tool responsibly and to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

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