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How To Install Power of Mosint - The Ultimate Email OSINT Tool in Mobile

 Mosint is a powerful and efficient automated email OSINT (Open-source Intelligence) tool that provides security researchers with the ability to quickly investigate target emails. Developed in Go, this tool consolidates multiple services to gather a wealth of information for analysis.

Mosint stands out with its swift and straightforward email-based scanning capabilities as one of its key features.It enables researchers to swiftly retrieve information linked to a specific email address. The tool is crafted for user-friendliness and minimal impact on system resources, ensuring smooth performance.

Email verification and validation is another crucial function of Mosint. It allows researchers to validate the authenticity of email addresses, ensuring that they are accurate and active. This feature is particularly useful in identifying potential phishing attempts or fraudulent activities.

Mosint also offers social media account checking, which enables researchers to gather information about individuals or entities associated with a specific email address. This feature can help in creating a more comprehensive profile of the target.

Another valuable function of Mosint is its ability to check data breaches and password leaks. By analyzing publicly available data breaches and leaked passwords, researchers can identify if a particular email has been compromised, helping users take appropriate action to secure their accounts.

Finding related emails and domains is made easier with Mosint. By leveraging various data sources, the tool scans for email addresses and domains related to the target email. This allows researchers to expand their investigation and uncover potential connections.

Mosint also includes a feature to scan pastebin dumps, which are commonly used to share sensitive information. By checking for mentions of the target email in pastebin dumps, researchers can identify potential vulnerabilities or ongoing threats.

Leveraging Google Search, Mosint retrieves information about the target email from indexed web pages, adding another layer of intelligence to the investigation. This information can include public profiles, articles, forum posts, or any other content related to the target.

Furthermore, Mosint offers DNS/IP lookup functionality. By querying DNS records or looking up an IP address, researchers can gather additional information about the target, such as their hosting provider, geolocation, or associated domains.

The tool provides the option to output the gathered information in a JSON file format, making it easy to export and analyze the data in other applications or tools.

Lastly, Mosint incorporates a fun and quirky feature - users can print a coffee command using the `--coffee` flag. While this feature may not have a direct impact on investigations, it adds a touch of character to the tool and showcases the sense of humor of the developer.

In conclusion, Mosint is a highly versatile and efficient email OSINT tool that offers a wide range of features to gather information about target email addresses. Its seamless performance, user-friendly interface, and consolidated services make it an invaluable asset for security researchers and professionals.

To install the mosint package, follow these steps:

How to easy to Using this Script:

1. Copy the entire script provided.

2. Launch a terminal on your Linux System

3. Paste the copied script into the terminal.

4. Hit Enter to execute the script.


# Install Golang
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y golang-go

# Install Mosint
go install -v github.com/alpkeskin/mosint/v3/cmd/mosint@latest

# Move Mosint to /usr/local/bin
sudo mv ~/go/bin/mosint /usr/local/bin

# Run Mosint --help
mosint --help

mosint --help
mosint example@email.com

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