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ALL-in-one Ethical Hacking Resources


In the contemporary digital era, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be emphasized enough. Ethical hackers, serving as the guardians of our digital realm, play a pivotal role in securing our digital infrastructure. If you're intrigued by ethical hacking, this blog serves as your ultimate resource, offering a meticulously curated list of open-source tools. Follow this step-by-step guide to embark on your journey towards becoming a cybersecurity expert.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Crucial for ethical hackers, OSINT provides tools and techniques to gather information from publicly available sources. Refer to OSINT for a comprehensive resource list.

link:- https://github.com/jivoi/awesome-osint

Search Engines

Discover specialized search engines like google for hackers, enabling efficient searches for vulnerabilities and information. Check out Search Engines for enhanced search capabilities.

link:- https://github.com/edoardottt/awesome-hacker-search-engines


Utilize open-source intelligence bots for information collection. Learn about these tools for OSINT. Explore OSINT Bots for enhanced data gathering.

link:- https://github.com/ItIsMeCall911/Awesome-Telegram-OSINT#-bots

Incident Response

Learn effective responses to security incidents with a focus on incident response best practices. Explore Incident Response for in-depth knowledge.

link:- https://github.com/Correia-jpv/fucking-awesome-incident-response

Social Engineering

Defend against manipulative tactics with insights into social engineering. Explore Social Engineering for comprehensive strategies.

link:-- https://github.com/v2-dev/awesome-social-engineering

Threat Intelligence

Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with insights from threat intelligence resources. Explore Threat Intelligence  for a comprehensive understanding.

link:- https://github.com/hslatman/awesome-threat-intelligence


Make use of Shodan, a potent search tool that assists ethical hackers in locating exposed and susceptible equipment online. Explore Shodan to enhance your search capabilities.

link:- https://github.com/jakejarvis/awesome-shodan-queries

Security Operations Centers (SOC)

Explore resources related to Security Operations Centers, understanding how they detect, respond to, and mitigate security threats. Check out SOC for a deep dive.

link:- https://github.com/cyb3rxp/awesome-soc


Covering various aspects of cybersecurity, this comprehensive collection ensures a well-rounded understanding of the field. Check out Security for broad insights.

link:- https://github.com/sbilly/awesome-security


While not encouraged, understanding piracy can help counter illegal distribution of software and media. Explore Piracy for awareness and countermeasures.

link:- https://github.com/Igglybuff/awesome-piracy

Burpsuite Extensions

Enhance the capabilities of Burpsuite, a popular web vulnerability scanner, with these extensions. Check out Burpsuite Extensions to optimize your scanning process.

link:- https://github.com/snoopysecurity/awesome-burp-extensions


Learn to integrate security practices into the software development process with DevSecOps. Check out DevSecOps to master this crucial aspect.

link:- https://github.com/devsecops/awesome-devsecop


Explore a plethora of tools for penetration testing, discovering vulnerabilities in systems and applications. Dive into Pentest for a comprehensive toolkit.

link:- https://github.com/enaqx/awesome-pentest

Reverse Engineering

Gain insights into reverse engineering, a skill essential for understanding software and system workings. Explore Reverse Engineering for a detailed exploration.

link:- https://github.com/tylerha97/awesome-reversing

Computer Forensics

Explore resources for digital forensics and data recovery, crucial in investigating cybercrimes. Dive into Computer Forensics for a comprehensive guide.

link:- https://github.com/cugu/awesome-forensics


Dedicated to digital forensics, this resource list helps investigate cyber incidents and gather evidence. Explore Forensics for a deep understanding.

link:- https://github.com/cugu/awesome-forensics

Memory Forensics

Study memory forensics; it's an essential talent for digital investigations.Explore Memory Forensics for specialized insights.

link:- https://github.com/digitalisx/awesome-memory-forensics


Explore resources to secure infrastructure deployments using Terraform, a tool for managing infrastructure as code. Visit Terraform for comprehensive guidance.

link:- https://github.com/shuaibiyy/awesome-terraform

Web Hacking

Delve into the world of web hacking, covering various attack vectors and security measures. Explore Web Hacking for practical guidance.

link:- https://github.com/infoslack/awesome-web-hacking

Web Security

Secure web applications and websites, including protection against common vulnerabilities. Dive into Web Security for practical insights.

link:- https://github.com/qazbnm456/awesome-web-security#prototype-pollution

Web3 Security

With the rise of blockchain and Web3 technologies, explore resources to protect decentralized systems. Visit Web3 Security for insights into this evolving field.

link:- https://github.com/Anugrahsr/Awesome-web3-Security

Web3 Security (Again)

With the rise of Web3 technologies, understand their security for decentralized systems. Visit Web3 Security for the latest insights.

link:-  https://github.com/Anugrahsr/Awesome-web3-Security

Cloud Security

Focus on securing cloud-based services and infrastructure, paramount in today's digital landscape. Explore Cloud Security for insights and best practices.

link:- https://github.com/4ndersonLin/awesome-cloud-security

Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering

Develop skills in analyzing and reverse-engineering malware, essential for countering cyber threats. Discover tools at Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering.

link:- https://github.com/CyberSecurityUP/Awesome-Malware-Analysis-Reverse-Engineering

RAT (Remote Access Trojan)

Understand remote access trojans for defense and testing. Explore tools and resources for RAT analysis. Check out RAT for practical insights.

link:- https://github.com/alphaSeclab/awesome-rat

AWS Security

Understand the security aspects of Amazon Web Services (AWS), gaining insights into securing cloud environments. Delve into AWS Security for a comprehensive guide.

link:- https://github.com/jassics/awesome-aws-security

Cloud Pentest

Assess the security of cloud-based infrastructure as cloud computing gains prominence. Explore Cloud Pentest for specialized insights.

link:- https://github.com/CyberSecurityUP/Awesome-Cloud-PenTest

Smart Contract Security

Understand the security of smart contracts as blockchain technology grows. Explore Smart Contract Security for insights into securing decentralized applications.

link:- https://github.com/saeidshirazi/Awesome-Smart-Contract-Security

Red Team Operations

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive repository tailored for Red Team operations. These tools simulate cyber-attacks, elevating your defensive skills. Check out Red Team Ops for a deeper understanding.

link:- https://github.com/CyberSecurityUP/Awesome-Red-Team-Operations

Red Teaming

Delve into a collection of equipment, frameworks, and scripts utilized by professional Red Teamers. Gain insights into offensive security strategies and methods. Explore Red Teaming for an in depth exploration.

link:- https://github.com/CyberSecurityUP/Awesome-Red-Team-Operations

Red Team ToolKit

Discover a comprehensive set of tools meticulously crafted for Red Team operations. Tailored to assist in penetration testing and thorough security assessments, the Red Team ToolKit enhances your capabilities in the realm of cybersecurity.

link:- https://0x1.gitlab.io/pentesting/Red-Teaming-Toolkit/

Blue Team Operations

For those interested in the defensive side of cybersecurity, gain valuable insights into the world of Blue Team operations. Explore Blue Team Ops for an in-depth understanding.

link:- https://github.com/fabacab/awesome-cybersecurity-blueteam

API Security

Ensure the security of APIs, essential for connecting applications. Dive into API Security for comprehensive guidance.

link:- https://github.com/arainho/awesome-api-security


Prepare for the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification, highly regarded in the cybersecurity field. Visit OSCP for comprehensive preparation resources.

link:- https://github.com/0x4D31/awesome-oscp

IoT Security

Address unique security challenges posed by the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn how to secure IoT devices and networks. Explore IoT Security for specialized insights.

link:- https://github.com/phodal/awesome-iot/blob/master/README.md

iOS Security

Explore resources for securing iOS applications, crucial for mobile application developers and security professionals. Visit iOS Security for comprehensive strategies.

link:- https://github.com/Cy-clon3/awesome-ios-security

Embedded & IoT Security

Explore embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) security, learning about vulnerabilities and solutions. Explore Embedded & IoT Security for a detailed exploration.

link:- https://github.com/fkie-cad/awesome-embedded-and-iot-security

IoT Hacks

Explore resources related to securing and hacking IoT devices, revealing vulnerabilities and defense strategies. Dive into IoT Hacks for practical insights.

link:- https://github.com/nebgnahz/awesome-iot-hacks


Ethical hacking is a vital component of cybersecurity, and armed with this extensive list of open-source resources, you can embark on your ethical hacking journey. Strengthen your skills responsibly, adhering to ethical and legal standards, and contribute to building a safer digital world. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

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